7 REASONS – Why You Need To Know Your Customer “VOICE””

The reason WEB ANALYTIC isn’t enough, it’s because today online marketer must interpret data in the right context. Focusing on individual matrix and indicators alone, will never give you the holistic digital measurement you need to turn the data into action.

The reason why you must motivate your customer to progress to the next milestone. Is that converting today sophisticated online browsers has never been more challenging. Discover how you can optimize your marketing mix by knowing….with confidence which marketing program are most influential and moving customer through sales cycle to conversion.

The reason why the last click doesn’t always deserve the credit. It’s because not all campaign how not created equal. The challenge online marketer is to classify campaign and campaign channels and then use the data optimize advertising revenue base on changing business goals.

The reason why you need to get person with your customers, it’s because they expected. Using your customer browsing behavior to know exactly what they want and when they want it…it’s not just nice to have anymore, it’s critical relationship building strategy to translate into higher customer life time value.

The reason why delivering top-of-mind content keeps customer coming back,is that they response to relevant timely offers wherever they are across the web.Smart marketers are aggresively launching re-targeting initiatives to browsers and abandoners back to their site gaining competitive advantage.

The reason why social media and online marketing need to be connected, is because your customer are active 24/7 on all these channels. If you don’t have cross channel reporting and benchmark capabilities to track and optimize your social marketing campaign, you missing critical opportunities to find brand champion on facebook and twitter. and deeper your relationship with these loyal customers.

The reason why mobile marketing should be on the top of your marketing list, it’s because smart phone are mainstream, and consumer have an accessible 24/7. This year, online marketer should be taking serious step creating cohesive strategies for this emerging channel, so that you are not left behind by the competition.

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