On The Move Eyewear – Malaysia Eyewear Supplier On Social Media Strategy

“What is social media” and “Why does it matter”. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks such as Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, Youtube, social web applications (Digg, Flickr) to gain business exposures. Source : Wikipedia

Companies and businesses start to integrate Social Media up and down and side to side in the organization, both externally as well as internally. Social Media (Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Podcasts, Video blogs and other tools) are appearing in every industry. The Social Media Approaches have help businesses to gain extreame outcome due to its exposure to large group to social community networks.

On The Move Eyewear , a Malaysia premier eyewear creator offers a finest and trendy eyewear collections utilized new Internet Marketing strategy to promote and to get online exposures on its new product On The Move Eyewear launched.

Why Social Media play a important role?

. Is an exposure to new readers and vistors that would not able to find you from othe medium.
. It connect with other users and make friends througn recommendation.
. Added value when there are comments, vote for good post.

By embracing social media marketing approach, you can accomplish so much for your business and spend less than five hours per week doing it. There will be other factors that come into play (creating linkbait, writing blog posts, etc), but by sticking to core basics like this you will have a strong blueprint for social media success in 2008! Source : 10 Simple Steps To Social Media Success In 2008

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