Powerful Promotion on Your Website

To some website owners, promotion means putting large pictures, music or pop-up boxes and flashing signs everywhere. You, like me, may not like some of these things, but the sad truth is that they continue to be used because, many times, they work very well! If you see a gimmick on a site which you visit that makes you take notice, don’t just click away.

Think about whether something similar might be worth trying on your site.

Colors that Excite or SootheYou may already have decided to use the colors which decorate your off-line stores or your products for your website. But, it’s worth considering the effect of the colors which you use on all visitors, especially those who are not familiar with your company or products. According to the experts:  

Red is a passionate color, tending to enhance the visitors’ mood or attract attention.

Blue is a color that soothes people and is thought to generate a feeling of trust and security. Many websites use some shade of blue for their background or borders between sections of their site.

Green is the dominant color in nature and would be one good choice for sites promoting natural products and related services.  

Yellow is a fun color, tending to increase enjoyment but may make people restless if they have to spend some time – reading a lot of text on your page, for instance.

To be continued……

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