The Next BIG Thing – Video Marketing

Do you know the next video marketing will be the next Business Weapon for Small and Businesses owner ?

Online Evolution

Companies are appointing agencies and specialist on video strategies. The evolution of ads has been evolved to Online Video content. Advertising and Promotional Department has allocating budgets for video marketing. According to Cisco, more consumers is emerging market are acquiring handsets, bandwidth is improving. Mobile video to increase 25-fold between 2011 – 2016.


Online video has become a key channel for consuming content. The Smart Viewer (Google Barometer) section offers insight into the contexts and motivations of people watching online videos, enabling planners to better understand and target their audience in this space.


Young people watch online videos regularly. 53% of viewers spent their time on video contents daily.

Young people are among the most likely to view videos while away from home. Approximately 64% with age 25 – 34 like to watch video.



Under 25s are an engaged audience. They often don’t need a stimulus for watching online videos and instead are intrinsically motivated.

While there are many reasons for watching online videos, younger audiences often want to relax or be entertained. Approximately 64% of audiences feel like watching the videos if it is entertained.


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