Too Much Focus SEO – Biggest Mistake!

SEO ( Search Engines Optimization) Biggest Mistake

Ever since the past 15 years, SEO ( Search Engines Optimization ) became the most popular Internet Marketing Strategies. Many businesses and enterprise are trying to get the most visible result on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Bing ) to gain maximum traffics.

As time past, the search technology has evolved , human perception changes, searching behavior improved , the business visibility on Search Engines does not react as it is before. There are few of concerns and doubts being speculate around the SEO Industry. A lot of business whom want to get the best visible result on Search Engines does not really see the improvement on what they are looking for.

Why i can’t see my site on 1st page ?

- The Search Engines ranks sites on more 200 over factors. Most importantly, the result is base on IP ( internet protocol ), and cookies of a user. Therefore, there are some user sees different result in respective location orĀ  with different user devices.

International Results ?

- I want to rank my website on (international ). Most business still think on is international result, in fact is ( US – United States ) Result. (Original for the United States)

Guarantees ?

Is there any guarantees on SEO ( Search Engines Optimization ). Please note that, no one can guarantees the results on Google.

How many keywords ?

As you are optimizing your website, you would advice to go for any relevant keywords to your industry. There are many businesses trying to “fight” for the popular and forgot “the least” popular keywords which may bring them leads.

Let’s wait for a thousands of visits ?

Biggest mistake businesses ever made. Think of an offer when there are mass. You would most probably lost the potential one at earlier stage.

Tons of leads, ZERO conversions ?

Too much focus on SEO and leads sometimes does not really give you the best in ROI. You should focus more on your business strategies as well from the start.

Am ranked, no leads ?

Most businesses ranked very well, but getting fewer leads. The description of your business plays the most important role to make your visitors understand your offers and your products. Get the right subject title and description on all your unique pages before Search Engines Rank your site.

Tons of traffics, but no leads…

Most website getting ten of thousands visits, yet receiving only 5% of leads every month. Most websites does not really focus on user or visitors preferences while developing the site, thus some visitors do not understand the offers.

In conclusions, while developing a Online Presence via Internet, businesses should focus more on it’s own strategies, offers , and promotional elements before inviting new visits to the website via SEO ( Search Engines Optimization ) or it’ll get into “wastage”.

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