A little knowledge – Email for Everyone

This is probably one of the most used (and useful) part of the Internet – and it’s also the most abused!

Your Internet Service Provider will give you at least one email address to use for email as part of your account – most will allow you more than one.The ISP may specify that the name you use for your main email address is  the nickname that you use to connect to the ISP’s service. If you use the nickname, “fred14″, to connect to the ISP’s system, then your main email address will probably be “fred14@yourISP.com”

You can use any name (if it is not already in use by someone else that has an account with the same ISP) for the other email addresses that your ISP lets you use.

You might use these other email addresses for email on particular topics that you send and receive:
1) Email address for your business
2) Email address for close friends and relatives
3) Email address related to a favourite hobby or activity

But you might want to give some of those addresses to other members of your family so they can keep their personal emails to themselves. You do not have to use all of the addresses that you are allotted.

The web browser program that you use probably has all that you need to send, receive, and sort your email messages.You need to become familiar with the email functions in your browser or
your separate email program if you use one.

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