Google Inc. is a American public corporation, specializing in Internet Search and Online Advertising. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University.

1995 (March-December) – Larry and Sergey meet at Stanford University to discuss and shared ideas about new search technology.

1996-1997 – Page created BackRub

1998 (August-December) – Larry and Sergey raised 1million dollars in funding and created Google Corporation. Google Search was borned.

1998 (November)- 10,000 search queries per day.

1999 (August-December) – 3,000,000 search queries per day.

2000 (May-June) – 18,000,000 search queries per day
2000 (Nove-December ) – 60,000,000 search queries per day

2002 (May) – 150,000,000 search queries per day

2003 (March-April) – The company announces its content-targeted advertising program and the acquisition of Applied Semantics.

2003 (May-June) – Google launches AdSense, an advertising program that delivers ads based on the content of Web sites.

2004 (February) – Yahoo begins rolling out its own Web search technology, phasing out Google’s offering.

2004 (March,31) – Google announces its free e-mail service, Gmail, supported by advertising. The move came amid increasing competition from Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp., which have built strong user bases around free e-mail, and are attacking Google’s main search business.
2004 (April,15) – Online retailer unveils a test version of its own Web search service, dubbed A9, which incorporates Google’s search technology.

2004 (April, 29) – Google files with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to sell as much as $2.7 billion in stock in an initial public offering. The company said it would seek to list on either the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange.

Google is designed to scale well extreamly large data sets. With made efficient use of storage spage to store the index. Its data structures are optimized for fast and efficient access.

52% of the survey respondents indicated Google was the best search engine.

Google was the world’s most used search engine, processing more than 3 billion searches for more than 90 million users a month un United States alone, and with a search query market share of almost 50% in the United States and a greater than 63% share worldwide, according to comScore Networks. Google’s search engine has built its dominance of the search industry by a combination of its superior search results and brand strength. While it is clear that these two strengths are linked, we believe over the last several years as Google’s market dominance has solidified, driven by the company’s brand strength, “to Google” has become a recognized verb.

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