Tips For Joining Affiliate Programs

Before you merrily join any affiliate program it pays to consider which affiliate programs are the best to join. These are the crucial program features that I consider necessary inclusions in any affiliate program.
  • The affiliate program must have a generous payment structure. For me, this means a high commission payment, which is a high percentage of the purchase price – nothing under a 25% commission.
  • Make sure the affiliate program you’re about to join has a professional looking site. You don’t want to send visitors to a site that looks unprofessional.
  • Make sure that the affiliate program has a comprehensive affiliate statistics page, which lists the number of click-throughs, the number of sales, and the amount you’ve earned to date. This should be broken down by month.
  • Make sure that these affiliate statistics are “real time”. This means statistics which are updated automatically and immediately. You do not want to find out today about a sale you made a week ago.
  • Ensure that the affiliate program provides you with a wide variety of text links, banners and graphics to put on your web page. Personally I prefer to use text links. However, certain other types of banners and graphics still work well. 
  • Know how often you are going to be paid. If you’re tossing up between 2 programs and one pays monthly and the other pays quarterly, the one which pays monthly is a better arrangement. You don’t want to wait months before you get paid for your hard work.
  • An affiliate program, which offers a special monthly newsletter just for its affiliates is also great. Here, you’ll also get extra tips and information on techniques that are working well.
  • Ensure that the program provides top-level support for its affiliates. If theycannot answer your query immediately make sure they respond within 48 hours. Good, timely support is critical to your success.

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