YAHOO! Windows Of Your World

Make an on-line slide show at Yahoo! was incorporated in year 1995. The company headquarter in Sunyale, California. It’s include massage, haircuts, dentistry, car wash, oil change, football, bocce, free lattes, and stock options for all.The building built in 2000-2001 cost the corporation about $258,700,000.00 and designed by RMW Architectual and Interiors. Developed by […]

Amazing Workplace, Everyone’s Dream

Make an on-line slideshow at A working place to us is a room or other area in which people work, but may also denote a position within an organisation with specific duties attached to it. (Wikipedia). Metropolis Magazine recently published an in-depth look at the design of the Google headquarters and the use of […]

Indonesia Quake On Google Earth

September 12, 2007- Southern Sumatra earthquake occurred as the result of thrust faulting on the boundary between the Australian plate and the Sunda plate. This is the 4th earthquake of magnitude greater than 7.8 to have occurred in the past decade on or near the plate boundaries offshore of western Sumatra. Earthquakes like this may […]

Language Tools – Who Is The Leader of Accuracy

According to Wikipedia, “a language is a system of arbitrary symbols and the rules used to manipulate them“. There are people out there finding hard to translate or learn certain language themselves, and there are lots of translators charging high price for these services. Now, there Free online multilingual translation tools available for English, French, […]

Paid Search Setup – Yahoo! vs Google vs MSN

YAHOO! SPONSORED LINK SETUP1) Target customers by geographic location.Display your ad to customers throughout the entire market, or select specific regions. 2) Choose keywords related to your business.Enter words or phrases related to the products and services your business provides. 3) Tells how much you’d like to spend.Specify your daily budget and maximum bid amount. […]

Malaysian Online – Back From The Future

In the nutshell, the nature of “Internet” has changed dramatically in recent years. Increased competitors, global markets, the advent of information technology, all these changes have create new challenge for businesses and enterprises. As business continues to learn how technology can help further online-commerce and assist management to achieve their goals, many organisation and business […]