Yahoo! Better than Google?

As we move from the Industrial to the Information Age, the quality of services, the efficiency in making a strategic decision and the profitability of a business becomes increasingly important. Search users demanded hign quality of searching experience to enable them to search comfortably. SEARCH had becomes part of our life. “Search Engines” – to […]

Google Maps intergrated into BMW

The BMW car owners can now enjoy the Google Local Search Services in their luxurious BMW. The Google Maps provides directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial as well as search for businesses. The service gives access to all the information from Google Maps while you enjoy your drive. Unfortunately, this service isn’t yet to be available […]

LIVE Search Operators

LIVE Search allows users to make advance search query for its return results to make more relevant. The ” LIVE Advance Search Operators” is similar to Yahoo!Search Operators and Google Search Operators. The Search Operators serve as a means which the users query words that have special meaning to the Search Engines Results Page from […]

Yahoo! Search Operators

Yahoo!Search having a similar sets of Search Operators as others Search Engines. You can enter these operators with your queries directly into the Yahoo! Search box. 1) hostname:A search query with a “hostname:” after the wording will allow you to search and find all documents from a particular host only. For example, if your search […]

Google Search Operators

Google Search Services supported by its Search Operators. These Operators which are query words that have special meaning to Google. It’s query for different type of search. For example “link:”, will list webpages that have links to the website. The following lists the search operators that work with each Google search service. 1) allinanchor: Start […]

How to search better “LIVE” results

The Search Results in LIVE Search or previously well-known as “MSN Search” you receive depend very much on your search query. To help make your search more effective: 1) The more specific your search words are, the more specific and relevant your results will be. 2) Use the OR (A search keyword that you can […]

Yahoo! Search Tips

As we had mentioned earlier how we should search Google, now we share the tips to search Yahoo! By default, the Search results returns only pages that include all of your search terms. If you wish to improve the search result, below are some tips which you can refer. Including Words: To include words, just […]


We believe that the New Information Age has changed the game of business forever; moreover the Internet has played an important role in managing corporation change and organization interdependent. A small firm with limited capital can now utilized and obtains the information on the Web to increase sales by competing in ways they never could […]

Search Engines Innovation

August 1st,2007 – GOOGLE CIO Douglas Merrill talked about Google Innovation. The most basic Google search is performed by navigating the Google Search box. However, Google was not just merely a Engine for “Search”, according to Douglas,it is also serves as a “Ads” and “Application” to everyone of us. Google was founded by Larry Page […]

Malaysia Plastic Hose Manufacturer – Stand on the “Net”

Apart from Malaysia Automotive Leather Seat Manufacturer. A Malaysia premier plastic hose manufacturer has started their globalization journey on the “net”. The company was established since 1987. Lipta Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd is a leader in PVC extrusion hose manufacturer in Malaysia. Combining state-of-the-art facilities and a strong R&D team, Lipta‚Äôs major products inclusive of […]