Surf GOOGLE, Save your Search!!!!!

Through out the years, Google had indexed more than billions of pages all around the world. Getting more and more surfers go online because of it’s “beauty”. However, none of us aware,there are spyware , adware, Malware , virus, worms “watching” us silently. Google has spent lots of research and effort to fight all these […]

GOOGLE BASE helps businesses to grow

Google has launched service enabling retailers and businesses to promote and sell their products online. GOOGLE BASE Google base was created to allow individual businesses and retailers to post and upload bulk posting of all types of information, commercial. Searching Google Base is not a lot different than any other Google search. Type keywords or […]

Malaysia Online Marketing Trend

Malaysia’s online population End of 2000, IDC reports showed 2.07 million people had online in Malaysia.As at March 2005, 37.9 percent of Malaysia’s population is online, it had tripple in just five years time. Malaysia has over 8 million users online, about 1/3 of total population. Malaysia has already grown many leading regional players that […]